Timothy J. Pirie is a member of the Board of Directors of Aly Energy and also serves as a member of the Audit Committee.  Mr. Pirie has over twenty five years oilfield experience. He was a founder and director of Dalen Drilling Services Ltd, a Directional Drilling service company. Mr. Pirie’s role in the company was Vice President of Business Development & General Manager, responsible for overall running of the company. Dalen was acquired in 2003 by Weatherford International. In 2003, he founded United Oilfield International, a Canadian solids control equipment& service provider with operations in Canada, United States and Peru and remained as President and Director from its inception until 2014 when the company was acquired by Aly Energy Services. He founded Canadian Nitrogen Services in 2005 and has been President and Director since its inception. It is a Canadian based N2 pumping service utilizing membrane technology with operations in Canada, United States and Saudi Arabia. In 2013 was a founder of Decisive Dividend Corporation, a publicly traded Canadian corporation. Mr. Pirie is also a Founder and Director of a privately held engineering / construction company currently working on E&P projects in the Middle East and a Founder of Petro Toro Inc., a Peruvian focused Oil & Gas Exploration Company. He is currently a Director at Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School, Kelowna, BC.

Position Title

Director, Member of Audit Committee



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