Zane Tankel has served on the board of directors of Aly Energy since October 2012, and has served as our director since the Share Exchange. Mr. Tankel is the Chairman and CEO of Apple-Metro, Inc., a multi-unit operator of family restaurants in the New York metropolitan area, which he co-founded in 1994. Mr. Tankel was a director of Morton’s Restaurant Group, Inc., a New York Stock Exchange company, from February 2006 until February 2012, and a director of Allis-Chalmers Energy Inc. from February 2007 until February 2011, as well as the Caribbean Restaurant Group, the San Juan, Puerto Rico based owner/operator of Burger King restaurants in and around the Caribbean. Mr. Tankel has served on its board from 2006 to present. Prior to 1994, he served as the founder/president and CEO of Collier Graphics Services (from 1964 to 1990), and founder/partner of a music management company (American Entertainment Management, from 1975 to 1982) and a public relations company (Sage Communications, from 1982 to 1986). Mr. Tankel is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

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