We provide outstanding oil and gas well drilling tools and services. From Directional Drilling, Logging while Drilling to employee training, we deliver our complete services with our customers’ bottom line in mind.


We are a Houston-based company that provides Directional Drilling, Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) tools, services and training to the oil & gas sector. We offer real-time measurement while drilling and natural gamma ray logging. Proven MWD technology ensures that high accuracy and durability translate into faster wells and properly placed well bores. Our MWD tools are rated to 175ºC, 20,000 psi and can be configured to run either at extremely low or high flow. The ability to provide the geology department with both real-time and memory logs puts EGS way ahead of the curve.


At the heart of Aly Energy Services is our dedicated team of experienced management staff, well-trained lab technicians, seasoned Directional Drillers, M/LWD engineers, and our job coordinators. Working as a unit, our team delivers the kind of service that translates into repeat business for us and increased rig counts for our clients.


Aly Energy Services manufactures world class MWD products. We build extremely high quality MWD kits using extensively field tested and proven components. Our tools provide highly accurate data while remaining stable over a wide temperature range. Our field-ready kits are customizable for different applications. The down-hole and surface system plug and play capability minimizes installation time and increases uptime for client drilling activities. Our mud motors have been developed from years of research to achieve the most reliable motors in the market today. Bearing sections have been redesigned using minimum parts which facilitates ease of service and reliability.


Our years of experience, outstanding training methods, detailed training materials, and knowledgeable instructors are the foundation of our training success. We are anxious to be able to pass that knowledge along to every class we train be it for our own field engineers or for one of our clients.

  • Expert Service
  • Reliable Tools
  • High Quality Drilling Services


Our trained personnel and our health, safety and environmental processes allow us to be a full service provider with equipment trucking, complete rig-up and rig-down services, personnel on location when required, and weekly maintenance service calls to the rigs to service and maintain our equipment at the well-site. The processes enable us to ensure an excellent record in quality assurance and quality control.
Aly has helped make our cuttings dryer for haul off. We had trouble in the lateral keeping the mud weight down. Was 9.1 and Aly got it to 8.8 and has kept it there. Their guys work hard. They’re always working and keeping busy whether it’s loading tanks for haul off or washing the equipment. Aly overall does a great job.
– Company Man, Quicksilver Barnett