Austin Chalk Petroleum Services provides the following rentals and services to its customers. Its rental equipment is typically active on 30 to 40 rigs at any given time.

400-Barrel Mud Circulating Systems: We developed a vertical 400-barrel system that allows for a smaller footprint and better circulation than standard horizontal mud tanks. The tanks are useful for companies looking to reduce location size because they take up only one-third the space typically needed for conventional frac tanks and 500 barrel skid mounted tanks. Austin Chalk designed and fabricated a mud agitation system with internal jet lines for continuous mud movement. This new design not only improves the condition of the mud, but also reduces the cost associated with material fallout. For an additional cost, an entire tank system can be rented as a package with a diesel or electric mud pump, hoses and wood mats.

500-Barrel Mud Circulating Systems: Our 500-barrel systems are highly mobile and have rounded bottoms with customized jet-lines. This allows for better circulation, ensuring more consistent mud and an easier cleanout. These systems are available in either skid or trailer mount and are typically rented as a package that includes a diesel or electric mud pump and hoses for an additional charge. Mud circulating systems can either be rented for the length of time needed to drill a well or retained as a rig moves between drill sites. We inspect tanks and replace worn parts on location or when returned to the yard.

Mud Pumps: Our mud pumps include a customized suction filter in the flow line from the tank to the rig, ensuring better mud consistency and avoiding transfer of trash. Most of our pumps are mounted to circulating tanks and rented as a package. Pumps are serviced when returned to the yard or can be maintained at a drill site for long-term rentals. Our fleet includes electric and diesel powered mud pumps.

Mud Gas Separators: Unlike many of our competitors, we provide delivery and rig-up of mud gas separators, also called gas busters, which are used to safely separate and flare natural gas from drilling fluids. Customers benefit from lower costs as they avoid hiring third parties to perform these services.

Transfer Pumps and 3″ Polyurethane Pipe: Our transfer pumps are used to transfer fluids to and around a drill site. The flexible polyurethane pipe has a 3″ inner diameter and is available on coils.

Skimming Systems: These systems skim oil during the drilling process, and then transfer it to on-site frac tanks while separated water is transferred back to the rig for drilling. They are most often used when balanced conditions do not exist in horizontal drilling or when coiled tubing units are being used to drill out plugs in a well with multiple fractured zones.

Additional Equipment: Our rental fleet also includes diesel powered mud mixing units, light towers, crossovers for flare lines, crossovers for 4″ mud transfer lines, containment systems with stairs, 4″x4″ electric water transfer pumps, portable fuel tanks, frac tanks, light towers and generators, welding machines, forklifts, air compressors, steam cleaners, winch trucks, trailers, and other related equipment.

Services: Our services include trucking and rig-up and rig-down. Roustabouts can also provide cleaning, maintenance, and decommissioning services. Our Giddings, Texas facility employs a GPS fleet tracking and mapping system on its service vehicles 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. This ensures customers a quick response time and dependable service.

Manufacturing: Our full-time fabricators manufacture the majority of our new fleet equipment at our 5,000 square foot shop at the Giddings location. They also repair and maintain existing equipment

  • 400-Barrel Mud Circulating Systems
  • 500-Barrel Mud Circulating Systems
  • Skimming Systems
  • Round Bottom FOW


Our trained personnel and our health, safety and environmental processes allow us to be a full service provider with equipment trucking, complete rig-up and rig-down services, personnel on location when required, and weekly maintenance service calls to the rigs to service and maintain our equipment at the well-site. The processes enable us to ensure an excellent record in quality assurance and quality control.

Aly has helped make our cuttings dryer for haul off. We had trouble in the lateral keeping the mud weight down. Was 9.1 and Aly got it to 8.8 and has kept it there. Their guys work hard. They’re always working and keeping busy whether it’s loading tanks for haul off or washing the equipment. Aly overall does a great job.

– Company Man, Quicksilver Barnett

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