After decades of declining production and further dependence on foreign oil, the U.S. is now the world’s new frontier for oil and gas production. This exponential growth is largely thanks to technologies such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, which is providing high production rates at wells in Texas and North Dakota.

To the U.S., this means a path to energy independence. To investors, it means huge potential for growth, and Aly Energy is strategically placed to take advantage of it with a four-part strategy.

Aly Energy has successfully expanded its customer base by organically growing its operations and pursuing new opportunities to diversify. The company has achieved rapid growth by providing excellent service resulting in more valued customers.

In these turbulent economic times our customers want to make smart financial choices. With our unique product differentiation being at the level that it is, we ensure that our customers stay ahead of the curve with the most technologically advanced quality products that are proven to reduce downtime, have fewer breakdowns and take up less usable drilling space.

We believe that we act as a partner to every customer we work with. We understand your needs and have responded by expanding the number of services we provide. we offer our clients a streamlined product solution from rig-up to rig-down which results in less downtime and lower costs.
Aly Energy aims to expand to new production areas by investing in equipment and businesses with proven track records in the high-growth oil services markets. The company continues to diligently seek opportunities to acquire businesses with more than five years of operating history and an established customer base.
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